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2020 GD Award / PINUP Best 100 Award

관리자 2020-11-20 Views 6,068

We are proud to say that our K10 series and K50 series won the 2020 Korean Design Awards.  

Newly launched in 2020, K10 and K50 series were selected as the 2020 Good Design (GD) Award 

and Excellent Design hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, respectively.  

The Good Design Award is a representative domestic design award with a 36-year tradition of giving 

the government certification mark "Good Design (GD)" to the products selected as excellent designs

by comprehensively evaluating the aesthetics, functionality, and economy of the product. 

K10 and K50 series were selected as the only ones among the domestic and foreign chair industry, 

and achieved the feat of enhancing the brand value of KREDE. 

In addition, K10 and K50 were selected as BEST 100 respectively at the 2020 PINUP DESIGN AWARD 

hosted by the Korea Industrial Designers Association and sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

K10 series

K50 series

KREDE(크레디)'s flagship products, K10 and K50, won the Korean Design Awards, 

and has successfully taken the first step toward KREDE's brand direction to supply good chairs that users want with advanced design.  

KREDE will continue to strive to ensure that anyone can sit on a good chair with an excellent design with a competitiveness in the market.  

Thank you very much.