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creative , design

krede [kredi:]

Only when working with a good chair,
you can have the power to immerse yourself in creating new opportunities.
krede” was born as a result of the long design and research on “seating”.
The design philosophy of “krede” is to make a chair that is faithful to the basics.
If you are looking for a good chair, there is “krede
sit in joy, krede

design JOYN

KREDE CEO Cho YoonHa(JOYN) is the representative chair designer in Korea.
The products designed by JOYN changed the paradigm of overall domestic chair design,
JOYN has shown the way the brand should go by his own products.
krede” will show its value
by concentrating on what the users really want more than the designer's own angle,
also aiming for superior comfort and beauty better than anyone else.

No.1 Chair Manufacturer in China, UZUO

krede” goes with “UZUO”, one of the best chair manufacturers in China.
A total of 220,000㎡ scale factory has 80 injection machines,
and this factory produces all parts of the chairs such as sponge, steel pipe etc.
by themselves so that they can ensure a consistent quality of over 300,000EA per a month.
Also, all products are managed by strict test level more than BIFMA through its own test lab.


krede” will offer you a new pleasure of “seating”
by the advanced design that the user wants
and superior quality products
with honest price.