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Create a meeting space in various ways with K30S

K30S으로 다양한 방식의 미팅 공간을 만드세요.

K30S series

The K30S series, which has a variety of line-up, is very suitable
when you need a chair which is easily movable and quiet,
for example, meeting space at school, company, bank or library.


K30S 4-leg

K30S-01 (BLACK) / K30S-01-BS (WHITE)

K30S cantilever

K30S-02 (BLACK) / K30S-02-BS (WHITE)


High-Quality Mesh

High-quality mesh of “WINTEX” is applied at the backrest,
so you can feel high elasticity and comfortable air-breathing
which is more excellent than other mesh.

Various choices

K30S consists of 4-leg type (K30S-01) / cantilever type (K30S-02) / swivel type (K30S-03),
so you can choose according to your preference.